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Tavernier Key
Geographic Location
Located on oceanside of lower Key Largo, just east of the mouth of Tavernier Creek.
Caio di Tabanos on the Vingloons map of Cuba. (1639) The Sanson Chart (1656) has Tabano. Roggeveen chart (1675) shows Calo de Tabonas. Juan de Liguera chart (1742) shows Cayo Tabonas. William Roberts, in his First Discovery and Natural History of Florida (1763) uses Cayo de Tivanos. O'Carrol chart (1776) shows Cayo de Tabonas. DeBrahm chart (1772) shows Stephen. Romans chart (1774) shows Key Tabona. Cauld chart (1775) shows both Cayo Tabona and Kay Tavernier. A survey map drawn in 1920 for the U.S. Department of Interior shows Tavernier Key.
Scope Note
Cayo de Tabona- (Sp. - "Horsefly Key") The modern name, Tavernier Key, is probably a linguistic corruption of this Spanish name.
Historical name