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Saddlebunch Keys
Geographic Location
Located on U.S. Highway 1, at approximately mile markers 12--16 , between Sugarloaf Key and Big Coppitt Key.
The Bache Coast Survey (1861) uses Saddlebunch Keys. DeBrahm chart (1772) shows Oglethorpe. Sketches made in 1849 by F.H. Gerdes show the lower Island named Sally Bunces, and the upper called Saddle Bluff.
Scope Note
Several early surveys, among them that of A.D. Bache in 1861, make note of the fact that these keys, when seen from a distance, have a saddle-like appearance, hence the name. J.W. Norie, in his Piloting Directions for the Gulf of Florida, Bahama Banks, and Islands (1828) States: "Saddle Bluff - About six miles to the eastward of Boca Chica there is a small island, with remarkable high bluff trees, appearing in most points of view, in shape of a saddle."
Historical name
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